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Making order
out of chaos.

Diana Organizes is much more than a cleaning and organizing service


Let's Meet

Diana Potosi

I love to connect with people. I love to be able to know their needs especially when they want to organize their spaces. And their lives. I call myself a space therapist.

I'm a Professional Organizer and creator of Diana Organizes LLC.

Through many books and online courses, I immersed myself in this work to build on what I discovered was a natural talent of making order out of chaos. I genuinely enjoyed doing that. That’s when I decided to turn what had started out as a temporary job into my own fulltime professional organizing business. I am now licensed and insured and certified.


Order and functionality

My method is empathetic and nonjudgmental. I like to create functional and beautiful storage spaces that my clients can maintain. As a result  They tell me they become more productive. They have more time to enjoy their homes and offices and many tell me the sense of order and calm they experience is a kind of therapy.. Contact us to learn more.


Organizing is my passion

My passion for my work is not just about organizing stuff, it is a passion to be there for people— I like working side by side with them when they need support — to find a way they can maintain order once they’ve made the difficult decision to organize.


Reliable and expert

Diana Organizes  provide a reliable and efficient service to organize, care for and maintain the functionality and beauty of personal and professional spaces that helps to eliminate disorder, stress and dysfunctionality and improve the quality of life and increase productivity both personally and professionally.


My Services

Happy Clients' Homes


Diana is a true professional! She is so lovely to work with, great communicator, easy to schedule, and my home always looks amazing when she is done. I highly recommend Diana for all your cleaning and organizing needs.

Joanna Furgiuele

"Diana gives my place peace and tranquility. It is her work that keeps me sane." 

Gloria Velazquez

"I have to admit after a long day of work organizing and cleaning the house is my last concert. It wasn't until Diana's work that I realized how much I need structure in my home"

Maria Lopez

Functional and Beautiful;

The Perfect Combination

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