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Making order
out of chaos.

Diana Organizes is much more than a cleaning and organizing service


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Diana Potosi

I love to connect with people. I love to be able to know their needs especially when they want to organize their spaces. And their lives. I call myself a space therapist.

I'm a Professional Organizer and creator of Diana Organizes LLC.

I moved to the United States from Spain in 2015. As an immigrant, it was hard to find a stable job due to the language barrier. Up until 2018, my only source of income was housecleaning. During that time, I learned English and took accounting and bookkeeping classes in my local community college with the idea of finding a more professional job.

Once my studies were finished, however, I soon realized a high demand for not only quality cleaning services, but more importantly, I noticed most families in the Merrimac Valley were overworked and didn’t have time to organize their living and work spaces.

Through many books and online courses, I immersed myself in this work to build on what I discovered was a natural talent of making order out of chaos. I genuinely enjoyed doing that. That’s when I decided to turn what had started out as a temporary job into my own fulltime professional organizing business. I am now licensed and insured and certified.


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